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Kateb Yacine

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Kateb Yacine


Algeria and France





Kateb Yacine was born in Constantine to an old and highly-educated Berber family from Sedrata in western Souk Ahras in Algeria. His grandfather was a deputy judge while his father was a lawyer. His name was Yacine Kateb; however, his teachers addressed him as Kateb. Therefore he adopted Kateb Yac...

Books by Kateb Yacine
A rogue philosopher, named Puff of Smoke, schemes to outwit the Sultan of his North African..More Details
Nedjma is a masterpiece of North African writing. Its intricate plot involves four men in love with..More Details
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Notable Works:

Le Polygone ├ętoil├ę

Awards Won:

Grand prix National des Lettres in France